Children Thrive with Connected Parents

Children Thrive with Connected Parents

Give us Five!

We are a Non-Profit Organization
501(c)3: ID 27-0668241

Grassroots participation is essential for our programs to continue. A High Five is an acknowledgment of a job well-done. We seek a $5 monthly contribution for every child in the Prescott area so we may best connect families with existing resources. Please join the movement for a life set up for success!

Isolation in the post-partum experience is a real problem: the health effects are comparable to chain-smoking.

Children are indelibly affected by their parents’ well-being, and do best when the parents are a part of a community that is responsive to their needs. 

Step Up for Kids tested the New Parent Connection post-partum peer support program to overwhelmingly positive results over the span of a decade to help new parents thrive in their demanding role.


New Parent Connection program supports parents as they adapt to their new role. We know the value of a smooth transition into parenthood, and believe that children blossom from supported parents.

We envision a community where all children thrive!

Our mission is to support a dignified existence by offering physical, emotional, and community support from post-partum to preschool and beyond. 

The Parent Co. drop-in center is to-be-developed: a place where new parents may go with their children to give and receive support during the emotionally rigorous times of postpartum to preschool parenthood.

Establishing ourselves as a community supportive of our children, and invested in preventative healthcare, our drop-in center will provide educational opportunities and social support: elements critical to a community of healthy, growing people of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you do more than just Stepstools?

Yes! Although we began our “branding” with the Stepstools that help children have a “step up” to wash hands in public restrooms, we support families in many ways by leveraging the passion of volunteers! “Step Up for Kids” is an imperative and being involved is a great way to make a difference for our community!

I would like to volunteer! How do I sign up?

Contact Ann, our Volunteer Coordinator, with questions: / (928) 710-5106.

Do you have a location for the Parent Co. yet?

We are getting closer, but still seeking stakeholders to make the location all it needs to be to nurture new parents. Your participation as a community member is essential, and we thank you for giving us a high five toward that end.

So, is this like a mom’s club?

We aim to be an inclusive parenting one-stop resource shop. We know the value of social connections, and we plan to staff our center with those who may give “warm hand offs” to meaningful early intervention programs as needed.

Strong families are the foundation of a strong community, and when parents feel connected and supported, children do better.