About Us

Established in 2008
We are a non-profit organization that works to connect and support parents in the Prescott area.

How We Began

Founded by mothers, Step Up for Kids began fund and awareness-raising by implementing a simple idea with a few Prescott businesses. We gave them a “step up” with a stool that is easily manipulated by young children, colorfully painted by volunteers, and placed in a restroom that may serve children.

The simple action of washing hands is known to be the number one method of disease-prevention, and when children have a “step up,” making it easier for their caregivers to initiate a good habit, they are more likely to wash their hands. Preventing tummy-sink squashing, Step Up for Kids transforms restrooms into more functional and aesthetically-pleasing venues for child and parent dignity.

They make the sink more accessible to children and being family-friendly is good for business

Ty Fitzmorris

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Mom to Mom Support

Our peer-to-peer "Mom to Mom" program exists to support parents as they adapt to their new, demanding role.

We know the value of a smooth transition into parenthood, and believe that children blossom from supported parents. So, we are inspired to initiate a volunteer-driven model of post-partum care, in hopes that many more may benefit from the resulting social and practical support.

Getting ready to be a mom? A volunteer can ease your transition with weekly visits or helping out in whatever way you need.

Our Vision

The founders of Step Up for Kids envision a community where children and their parents may live a dignified, supportive existence.

Ultimately, we would like to create a drop-in center, The Parent Company, where new parents may go with their children to give and receive support during the emotionally rigorous times of postpartum to preschool parenthood.

Establishing ourselves as a community supportive of our children, and invested in preventative healthcare, our drop-in center will create educational opportunities and social support: elements critical to a community of healthy, growing people of all ages.


Help us help others

Help us strengthen families in our community with the creation of a centrally located facility in Prescott designed for parents to connect, learn and share while their children have a safe space to play.