Supports our New Parent Connections

  • Our goal is $17,500 monthly support: $5 for every child 0-5

A “high five” contribution supports our New Parent Connection program and more!

We are transforming our community with a focus on non-judgment and safety to support the family systems that raise the most vulnerable among us.


JOIN US to CELEBRATE National High Five Day on April 20th by challenging five of your friends (to share with five of their friends… to give $5/month) and we will achieve our goals!


  $5 = Simple Show of Support = forego a latte and join the movement!

  $5+ = Recurring Donation that keeps on supporting: set it and forget it and help us grow with rhythm!

$25 = could sponsor a Training in co-regulation and safety.

  $50 = could pay for a volunteer’s gas card to visit a remote, home-bound parent.

  $100 = fully trains and credentials a volunteer mentor.

  $500 = sponsors a thorough volunteer orientation, giving a great start to a New Parent’s journey!

  $5000 = “We Mean Business!” this level sponsorship helps us consistently continue outreach, ongoing classes, and into the Building Fund (send us your logo and you live on our page!)

 “This program literally saved my life.” – New Parent Connection Participant, 2022

“This was a great way to get out of the house and help someone out!” – Volunteer 2022