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Peer Support Program

We know the value of a smooth transition into parenthood, and believe that children blossom from supported parents. So, we have initiated a volunteer-driven model of post-partum care, in hopes that many more may benefit from the resulting social and practical support.

Getting ready to be a new parent?

A volunteer can ease your transition with weekly visits or helping out in whatever way you need. Contact us today to get the help you need!

Or contact our VC Ann Directly (928)710-5106.


We are recruiting volunteers who are in alignment with values of compassion, acceptance, and willingness to support.

We are working with volunteers to offer a few hours/week for the first months of postpartum parenthood to new parents, catering to their individual needs. We may make tea, help with housework, draw a soothing herbal bath, offer books, hold their baby, connect with community resources, run errands, and be a compassionate presence in what might otherwise be an isolated time of transition into an intensely demanding role.


All volunteers are required to attend two classes in Supportive Listening and Post-Partum Volunteering 101. Participants need fingerprint clearance and references. Classes are held at the Launch Pad in Prescott.

Please e-mail us at if you would like to sign up for volunteering. We ask for 24 hours of your time, spread out through a new mother’s “fourth trimester.”